Інтелект - шоу з англійської мови "The Wonderful Word of English"

Назва заходу: The Wonderful Word of English

Вік учасників: 13—14 років.

Кількість учасників:

Форма проведення: інтелект - шоу

Місце проведення: класна кімната

Хід гри


T. Dear children! Today it won't be a lesson, but an intellect-show and you will not be pupils, but participants of the show.

So, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our intellect show. We have two teams and two captains.

Dear captains! Introduce your teams and the members of your teams.

Кожен учень відрекомендовує себе

Captain 1. I'm... and it's my team «A».

Captain 2. (aналогічно).

T. Well, it's time to begin our show.

The 1st task is to name an excessive word ("Haзвати зайве слово"). If  you find the excessive word you'll take one point. There are 5 points to each team.

1.  Duck, goose, hen, rabbit, cock.

2.         Face, eye, leg, nose, cheek.

3.         Pink, black, yellow, white, small.

4.         Classroom, bedroom, living-room, bathroom, kitchen.

5.         Pen, bag, ruler, pencil-box, book.

T. What is the score?

The 2nd task is to guess "Who is he or she?" I describe one member of the family. You have to guess and fill in the table. There 5 points to each team for the right answers.

Who is he or she?
















1.  He is not young. He is tall. He is not thin, but he is handsome. He has fair hair. He works on the cat­tle-farm. He is a farmer.

2.          She is small. She is thin. She can't write and read. She doesn't go to school, but she wants to study. She likes to play with a doll.

3.          She is neither old nor young. She isn't tall, she is pretty. She hasn't grey hair. She is a teacher. The pu­pils love her very much.

4.          He is young. He is tall. He is dark-haired. He doesn't go to school. He studies at the institute. He is a good student.

5.          She is kind. Her hair is grey. She is neither tall nor small. She doesn't work. She loves children very much.

T. Coordinate your answers and check up them... Thank our team.

The next task is to find the ending .of the sentence. Every team gets cards with the beginning of the sentences and must find the ending. There are 10 sen­tences for each team and 1 point for each sentence. Are you ready? Let's start.

1.  His hair is/ short and curly.

2.   Buratino has / a long straight nose.

3.  There is a blue big ribbon / in her braid.

4.   I think she / looks like her father .

5.   My grandmother works / on a poultry farm.

6.   The houses in our village/ are not high.

7.   There are many fruit-trees/ in our garden.

8.   We  don't  go  to  school/ in   the evening

9.    My     father     has     breakfast/at 9 o'clock in the morning

10.   We   usually  come  to   school/in time.


T.  Let's check up...

Well, the team "A" has ... points.

The team "B" has ... points.

The fourth task is the task for captains. Our captains have known their task be­forehand and prepared stories about their parents' working day and about their friends' working day. Are you ready? There are 10 points for each story So, we'll begin.

Our results are:

The next task is "The Role Play". You should tell us about your funny body. I'll give you dice, board game "My Funny Body", pencils, a table for story and a sheet of paper. Six participants throw the dice in turn, find out what kind of body they have. Then two par­ticipants have to tell about their funny body, using the table and other two par­ticipants have to draw the picture of their funny body. There are 15 points for this task. You have ten minutes. Let's start!

Your time is up. Tell us about your fun­ny body, using the table and show a pic­ture of your body. <...>

We have such score:...

The sixth task is the grammar prac­tice. You will work with a diagram "The Parts of Speech". You should put these words under four categories: The Noun, the Adjective, the Pro­noun, the Verb. There is 10 points for each team.


                                 Pars of speech


The Nouns


The Ad­jectives

The Pro­nouns

The Verbs

Them, a poultry-farm, small, to work, gardens, our, to help, cinema, to play, to do, a ribbon, blue, dark, to write, a river, to wash up, a mother, I, TV-set, good, my, kind, an uncle, him, dinner, to say evening, to come, her, a dress, to make, their, a square, beautiful, high, can, we, long, are, nice.

T. We have score:...

The seventh task is to find a mistake. I'll read the text and make mistakes.

You should find the mistakes and ex­claim "You are wrong!". You get one point for each mistake. Listen to me at­tentively!

There are six days in a week. There is four weeks in a month. Do you know the names of the ten days of the week? They is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, March. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Children has rest-days from school on Sundays and Mondays. The pupils doesn't go to school on Sunday. Today is the tenth of February. We are at the Ukrainian lesson now.

T. What's our score?

Next task is to translate the sentences into English. You should translate the sentences right and quickly. There are two points for each right sentence.

(Речення надруковані на картках.)

1.  Скільки   років   твоїй   мамі?— їй 40.

2.         Його волосся коротке й куче­ряве.

3.         На кого схожа твоя сестра?

4.    У нашому селі є нова лікарня.

5.         Твій батько працює на заводі? — Так.

6.         Ти живеш далеко чи близько від школи?

7.         Вулиці   в   нашому   селі   довгі й гарні.

8.         її сестра не ходить до школи, то­му що вона студентка.

9.         Чи допомагають вони по госпо­дарству ввечері?

10. Він лягає спати о 10-й годині вечора.


T. Sum up the score:...

And the last task is the word chain. You get a sheet of paper with the task. 1 How many names of buildings can I you find in the word chain? Write f them below. There are 5 points for each team.




T. We have the score …..

I think that friendship has won. Do you agree with me ? Each team had wonderful answers and played very well. Thank you for your work. Our show is over. Good - bye.