Задания 1 тура Республиканского конкурса для старшеклассников ( направление : английский язык)

(Английский язык)
1. Sentences − letter by letter
Each sentence will have as many words as there are letters in the word after the
number. The first word starts with the word’s first letter; the next word begins with
the second letter, the third word with the third letter, and so on. Thus, if the word is
Comb, a possible sentence could be Can our match begin? Only one proper noun is
allowed per sentence, and the sentence or question should make sense.
1. Problem ___________________________________________________________
2. Begin _____________________________________________________________
3. Every _____________________________________________________________
4. Sing ______________________________________________________________
5. Attract ____________________________________________________________
6. Teach _____________________________________________________________
7. Hope ______________________________________________________________
8. Seldom ____________________________________________________________
9. Newspaper _________________________________________________________
10. Organizer _________________________________________________________
2. Read the text about Drugs in sport. Use the word given in capitals at the
end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.
In 1967, the use of drugs by (11) _________________
in the Olympics was banned.
Before modern drugs became a problem, athletes has
tried all sorts of ways to get an unfair advantage, including
drinking a (12) ________________ of alcohol and raw egg
before a race, hoping for an (13) ___________________ in
their times, and Thomas Hicks, the gold (14) ____________
in the marathon in 1904, actually drank brandy during the
(15) _________________, in 1960, a Danish athlete
died after taking drugs and the (16) __________________
was taken to outlaw certain substances. Today, there are
(17) ____________________ chemicals that athletes are not
allowed to take during (18) ___________________ and
officials randomly test athletes for
(19) ____________________ of these drugs. Athletes today
who are found to have these (20) _______________
performance-enhancing drugs in their system may be banned
from competing.
3. Complete the following sentences using the words in brackets to get a
meaning similar the first one. Do not change the word given. Follow the model.
Model: What type of music do you like best? (favourite)
What ___ is your favourite ___ type of music?
21. How much does a new laptop computer cost? (price)
What __________________________ of a new laptop computer?
22. They are opening a new branch of that bookshop in our town. (being)
A new branch of that bookshop ______________________ in our town.
23. Patrick cannot wait to see the team’s next home game. (forward)
Patrick is really _______________________ the team’s next home game.
24. Denise said that she had always intended to invite Phil to the party. (my)
It had always ____________________ invite Phil to the party, said Denis.
25. Paolo damaged his brother’s digital camera by accident. (mean)
Paolo _________________________________ his brother’s digital camera.
26. Suzy says she will only play tennis if Fiona plays with her. (unless)
Suzy has refused ___________________________________ plays with her.
27. People think that the famous actress will arrive in the city this morning.
The famous actress ________________________ in the city this morning.
28. Canoeing was the activity which excited Ralph most. (found)
The activity _____________________________________ was canoeing.
29. I expected ice-skating to be more difficult than it actually was. (not)
Ice-skating ______________________________________ as I expected.
30. Leon, I think you should tell your mother the truth. said Mike. (advised)
Mike ________________________________________ his mother the truth.
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